Financial Secretary

Part-Time Position  

Mission Statement: Our mission is to LOVE as Jesus loves with sacrifice and obedience, without judgment or condition, and in so doing, to WIN everyone to Christ, to DISCIPLE people in the faith, and to GLORIFY God.


1. Overview:

  • Open & closing dates: Open until filled. 
  • Pay and Benefits: This position pays an hourly wage and has benefits in accordance with SLUMC Policies & Procedures for Employment. 
  • Work schedule: This is a part-time position. The work schedule is in accordance with SLUMC Policies & Procedures for Employment. 


3. Duties and Responsibilities:

Summary: Facilitate the church’s mission statement by providing support mechanisms needed for financial accountability. Specific oversight is given to financial management of the operational funds and designated funds including church contributions and program generated income. To be responsible for payment of bills, provide all payroll function to support the staff, financial record keeping, and individual giving records. In accordance with Financial Policies and Procedures Handbook:

  • Manage, prepare, and process offerings/pledges/deposits:
    • Obtain, properly process, and document offerings, for all services and disperse it into church accounts as necessary and specified. 
    • Reconcile weekly deposits. 
    • Record weekly giving for each contributor in the congregation for each fund as directed by contributor.  
    • Prepare and send annual giving statements following IRS guidelines, and as requested by contributors.  
    • Maintain printed and computer copies of annual giving statements. 
    • Track responses, record amounts pledged, record those who did not respond, and send follow-up letters if required
    • Manage, prepare, and process expenditures:
      • Pay all outstanding bills and record expenditures in account records.
      • Manage, prepare, and process employee payroll:
        • Issue checks, pay church employees, and maintain payroll records for each employee. 
        • Make monthly tax deposits for social security, Medicare, and income taxes paid and withheld. 
        • Prepare quarterly tax returns, annual payroll tax returns and yearly W-2 forms for each employee and provide the IRS as required. 
        • Budgeting, records, and stewardship:
          • Assist in the development of an annual church budget in coordination with the Pastor, the Treasurer, and the Finance Committee.
          • Prepare monthly financial reports accounting for expenditures by account when requested.
          • Ensure all financial records are to made available to the Church Treasurer. 
          • Prepare and mail correspondence for annual stewardship campaign.
          • Prepares quarterly letters to inform members of their yearly giving 
          • Memorials Offerings and Flowers:
            • Maintain records of memorials, allocate contributions to selected fund, and send thank you notes to the bereaved family and card contributor.
            • Collect payment for altar flowers. Keep special flower lists for Christmas poinsettia and Easter lily orders
            • Performs other appropriate duties as assigned by the Pastor or SPRC


4. Requirements:

  • Attend church staff meetings if deemed necessary by pastor
  • Attend Finance Meetings and act as recording secretary.

5. Conditions of Employment:

  • A minimum age of 20 to comply with Safe Sanctuaries Policy
  • Profess Christianity and actively participates in the life of the Church
  • Demonstrate a lifestyle that becomes the Gospel.
  • The ability to be bonded. 
  • Satisfactory pass a background check
  • Successful completion of Safe Sanctuary training
  • Read SLUMC Policies and Procedures, and sign statement agreeing to all policies, terms and conditions set forth in the SLUMC Policies and Procedures.

6. Qualifications:

  • · Competent with Microsoft Office software and QuickBooks, certifications preferred.
  • ·One year of accounting/book-keeping experience, certifications preferred.